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Mar 5, 2013

Mexican and real Chinese food

Nothing like going to a Mexican Restaurant in China...you never know what to expect. Could be real bad or real good. Guess we'll just have to see. It is rather odd to see a bunch of Chinese in Mexican garb running around like mad. Had a long long day at work. Yesterday didn't end until 130am and I didn't get to sleep until after 2, then I had a conference call at 530am. Nothing like running on nothing and feeling pretty overwhelmed.

Heard an African man speaking really excellent Chinese while walking to dinner. Miraculously, I even understood what he was saying. Funny though, you can almost always tell just by sound if the person speaking Chinese is a laowai or a Chinese. The sound is just off. I say this knowing perfectly well I definitely sound off and way not Chinese. The trying part is always most important whether it be using chopsticks, trying strange foods, or whatever.

Watching America's Funniest Home Videos in China, in a Mexican restaurant, well how bizarre. Exactly how is AFV related to Mexico? Apparently,it takes longer to cook Mexican in China as well. Restaurants are also really not equipped for single diners. They really just have NO clue how to deal. And the Mexican isn't good or at least the Chimichanga. I think they have a specific waitress that delivers Coronas too. And I don't think the TV is through cable or satellite-it's streamed through a knock off site on the web. Awesome...that's how I have to watch TV too. Trouble is I don't really watch TV...so I don't know what to search for. I really only watch documentaries and those aren't quite as popular to hack and then post.

Feel better about eating Mexican tonight. I had a real Chinese meal with 2 tofu dishes, cabbage, beef liver that was super spicy, a whole hacked up Chicken, and other stuff.

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  1. I personally identify as laowai though I can barely use the sticks. I like to eat with my hands and sometimes feet. You are really beautiful, I wish I was in shanghai now too


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